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Here at Orthogon, we are meeting a critical need in translational drug discovery by bridging frontier research with formal drug development. Newly discovered drug targets and mechanisms require pharmacologic validation to show that they are druggable and/or linked to a disease. We are discovering and developing small molecule drugs that demonstrate target engagement and therefore deliver durable disease-modifying effect. Our goal is to bring drug candidates with novel mechanisms of action to a stage more suitable for strategic co-development with Pharma.


Our Approach

Rigorous Target Selection

Not all drug targets are created equal. We focus on emerging targets with indisputable, clinical relevance, fitting our discovery paradigm. Often these are challenging target classes that offer an unmatched promise of revolutionizing the standard of care.

Leveraging Orthogonal technologies

We recognize that challenging drug targets demand unconventional discovery strategies. Our deep clinical and biological insights guide the appropriation of disease relevant tools, models and endpoints. We selectively leverage a salvo of orthogonal technologies in-house and in close collaboration with leading industry and academic partners across the globe. This is the inspiration for our company name.

Structure Based Drug Design

At the crux of every disease is a protein. Understanding the precise 3D atomic structures of target proteins and the basis of their function, enables us to discover and then rationally design the most effective drug molecules. This provides us with an unmatched advantage in prioritizing and validating early drug hits. X-ray crystallography and thermodynamics of protein-drug interactions are front and center in our discovery engine.


Orthogon is building a rich and innovative portfolio by working across multiple therapeutic areas. Each discovery asset resides under its own LLC to leverage it strategically

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